THE MAP AND THE TERRITORY from laurent perrot on Vimeo.

The present project seeks to photograph the daily life of a neighborhood, taking into account the ways of inhabiting the space, the distribution of visual and architectural materials, as well as the functionality of the buildings. The neighborhood has a specific physiognomy, given its sociohistorical development, which gives it a marked difference from other urban areas. Although the Barrio has a territorial base, this notion refers rather to the practices, as well as to the space of sociability that generate habits, and to the representations, which means the images and symbols, that of the neigbborhood make its inhabitants. At the local level are crystallized a wide range of social problems, consequences of social and political structuring at the global level, are crystallized. These problems are standardised on a daily basis. We tend to take for granted the ordinary reality of the neighborhood where we live and consider it evident. It is there, where photography intervenes to reveal what has become unnoticed.