PANTONE 485 C is an analog piece from digital archives collected on the internet. The attempted piece is to show that it is possible to completely rebuild the narrative of photographs in an arbitrary way. It is a pictorial piece based on the colour. The variants of the pantone red 485 C gives a unit between images which a priori has no relationship between them. The work gives these images a new narration by selecting and rearranging them and finally creating a pictorial unit. By giving a new meaning to these images the work opposes the "photo-gesture" to the "photo-object" attempting to question the photographic medium. On one hand, the photographs collected are an act of communication (supposed to be discarded, destroyed, serving as a personal memory or having an informative function…) and on the other hand once this image is photographed by analog, it becomes an object which attempt to reinterpret and understand the reality in an aesthetic purpose and which physically exists to be retained. The digital images are announcing a new era for the figurative image and consequently for the society. It is a profound change in our relationship with the images. This relationship each day is more important and complex. We are daily confronted with a stream of images. We see more of the world that we have never been able to see but it remains a partial vision and a distortion through a screen.