By definition self-concept is an individual's assessment of his or her status on a single trait or on many human dimensions using societal or personal norms as criteria. It is not innate: the self-concept is formed with the experience and the image projected or perceived in others. In addition it depends on the symbolic language. It is organized : the individual tends to ignore variables he perceives of himself that do not match with the ensemble and he has his own hierarchy of attributes to value. It is dynamic: it can be modified by new information, coming from a reinterpretation of the own personality or external judgments. The sharing of pictures on social networks is part of the process of self-concept’s construction through an idealized vision of oneself.

Algorithmic business is vital for growth in the digital economy. Organizations make profits not only for their big data, but also for the algorithms that turn the data from personal picture sharing into actions and influence the customer behaviour and choice. Algorithmic intelligence is nowaday underpins many of the services we take for granted today. The pictures from this project are the result of a triangulation algorithm process of principal cliché photographs that can be observed on social networks. SELF-CONCEPT is an embezzlement of the native function of the algorithm with the aim of bringing to light the archetypes (aesthetic,sociologic) of photographs shared on social network. OF PIZZA.jpg CUP.jpg LANDSCAPE.jpg